M4 Hydraulic Brake

M4 Hydraulic Brake

The M4 is a new 4 piston brake system from Clarks. Our most powerful production brake produced to date, the M4 is lightweight with a slimline design, and 4x16mm pistons per calliper, each delivering smooth, powerful, modulated braking force at the rotors. Perfect for all riding conditions encountered by the adventurous downhill rider and e-bikes, the M4 is the ideal brake system for more challenging environments where ‘feathering’ is required.

• 4 Piston hydraulic brake system for MTB and downhill riders
• Lightweight design
• High quality finish
• Self adjusting pistons 16mm pistons
• 2 Finger lever
• Lever reach adjustment to suit all hand sizes
• International standard and Post mount fit
• Mineral oil fluid to protect the environment
• Stainless steel rotors
• Spare olives to allow for hose reduction

• Weight - 240g
• Complies with and exceeds EN 15194 and ISO 4210 standards

Available in:
Front 180mm (Post Mount) and Rear 160mm (International Standard) Set 
Front 180mm and Rear 160mm Set (International Standard)

Replacement Brake Disc Pad - VX/VRX/VRS851

Product Information

Bike Compatibility : Electric Bikes, MTB, Hybrid

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