HH1-1 Hydraulic Hose Kit (Shimano/Clarks)

HH1-1 Hydraulic Hose Kit (Shimano/Clarks)

Code Ref: HH1-1-BLACK

Shimano and Clarks Compatible

Manufactured from the most advanced materials available. Double jacketed Kevlar fibres over a braided PVDF Polymer underlay, with spiral fibre wrap reinforcement, creates a superior hose with great strength, resistant to impact and expansion. Supplied with reusable high grade stainless steel hose fittings for maximum performance and durability. Our hoses are compatible with all major brands.

All hose kits are supplied with 3000mm length of hose (that can be cut to size) to change both front and rear brake lines. All necessary fittings for front and rear calipers and levers.

XTR 2007-2009
XT 2008-2009
LX 2005-2008
Deore 2005-2009

HDB-540, 600, 790

Product Information

Length : 3000mm

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