Workshop Fittings Tray

Workshop Fittings Tray

Code Ref: TRAY-02

Clarks workshop fitting component tray carries commonly used parts for both cable operated
brakes and gear systems. Components include, ferrules, for brake and gear, ‘O’ rings, guide pipes
and rubber boots for V-brakes. All presented in a sturdy re-usable clear plastic tray, with dividers
that create sized compartments.

Contents Qty
CX15 (Brass ferrule) x 400
CX88 (Wire end cover) x 500
CX25 (Rubber boot) x 80
CX103 (Gear ‘O’ ring) x 100
CX102 (Brake ‘O’ ring) x 100
CX20 (4mm Ferrule) x 450
CX24 (135 degree bend guide pipe) x 40
CX28 (90 degree bend guide pipe) x 40


Product Information

Bike Compatibility : MTB, Road, Hybrid

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